Yazar : Komisyon
Yayın Evi : DİB
Basım Dili : İngilizce
ISBN : 97826527137367




Since the priority target of religion is human, it has great importance for religious knowledge to continuously renew itself in a way that enlightens our lives, to refresh the bright message of Islam in minds and hearts, and to establish a dynamic bond between knowledge and life. In this respect, our Presidency, which aims to meet our people’s need of knowledge with authentic religious knowledge away from superstitions and to enlighten them on the subjects of faith, worship, the life of Prophet (saw), and morals, plans a series called “Basic Islamic Knowledge” by considering contemporary and scientific data. This book is the second of the series which is called “My Worship” and it is prepared in accordance with Basic Religious Knowledge curriculum program which is taught in the courses opened within the Presidency of Religious Affairs. In the work, the subject of worship which is among the main principles of Islam is discussed. Definition, purpose and importance of worship, things that worship gives, cleanliness, prayer, fasting, sharing and cooperation in Islam, zakah, sadaqah, hajj, sacrifice, du’a and repentance are discussed.