Yazar : Komisyon
Yayın Evi : DİB
Basım Dili : İngilizce
ISBN : 9789751969217




The term "family" refers to a marvelous bond that connects people to purpose at every stage of life; from childhood to youth, and adulthood to elderhood. Relatives, as individuals who have come together under an invisible glass roof, constitute a knot in this bond, even if they live in separate places. They inherit their family's principles, faith, culture, heritage, and values. They acquire emotions at the family school, develop their first habits, and experience their first solutions. The most profound effect of modern times on the family is that it loosens family ties by damaging the sense of unity and pushes people to loneliness. It is one of the most painful experiences of modern societies that family members with economic freedom are separated from each other with the claim of being independent people who can lead their lives as they wish.  However, family members are not only financially dependent on one another, but also morally. Family is not about living "alone and together," but about living "as one and in unity." From this point of view, this book seeks to use social science and religion sources to the establishment, protection, and strengthening of the family, as well as to make solution proposals to difficulties by taking into account the risk fields that a family confronts. It motivates us, reminds us of our family values, and invites us to take on family obligations and work for happier, safer, and more durable homes."